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Woof & Brew is an award-winning pet’s drink and treats company. Producing healthy tonics for your favourite pet to make not only them but the whole household smile with joy.

Woof & Brew has also created the world’s first doggy teabag so that that 11 am tea and biscuits can now be enjoyed by all. The ideal product to spoil your furry little friend and show them the love that they give you daily.

All the herbs used are left intact, rather than ground, to provide optimum nutritional benefits.

As exclusive distributors of Woof & Brew within South Africa Nature's Touch brings you the perfect gift, for the perfect pet.


Unique and refreshing dog treat packed with vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants.


Reduce the burn patches on your lawn caused by your dogs wee with this 100% natural blend. Unlike many other lawn care products, Ha-Pee Lawns herbal tonic and tea is the only proven solution that benefits both your lawn AND your dog!

Herbal Infusions

Woof & Brew have created the world’s very first doggy tea bag. The teas are ideal for pampering that loving ball of fur while treating them with plenty of vitamins and anti-oxidants. The bags have been created with full, unground leaves in order to pack it with the maximum amount of minerals.

Health tonics

Woof & Brew offer a range of health tonics with proven results. Daily health for your dogs... The tonics are healthy, herbal and are nutritionally-balanced and have been developed with veterinary experts. Tried and tested with proven results, and so simple to serve every day to support your pet

Treats & Gifts

Spoil your pooch with a healthy yet memorable Woof & Brew treat along with adorable bandanas and other merchandise. Get box sets of Bottom Sniffer Beer or Pawsecco ‘wine’ for Dogs & Cats.