Essential oils

Our passion always has been and always will be Essential oils. We have seen the power of these oils improve and change people’s lives. We have extensive knowledge of essential oils and their uses and benefits and we have a qualified Aromatherapist and reflexologist on our staff. We only source pure, natural essential oils from internationally recognised suppliers. All our essential oils come with a certificate of analysis. We offer a wide range of Essential oils in all different sizes, either in bulk or in individual private brand packaging.


Our expert staff specialise in this section of the Cosmetic Industry focusing on the middle to high end Skincare solutions. We have the following product offering: Cleaners, Toners, Moisturisers, Day and Night Creams, Eye serums, Scar repair, Pigmentation and Sun damage treatments, Specialised gels and serums for Anti-ageing, Neck treatments, lip treatments and Sun care protection and SPF products.

Hair Care

 We specialise in middle to high end Hair care solutions. Our hair care ranges are focused on unique areas within this industry and are of the highest quality. Our product offering includes: Shampoo, Conditioner, Medicated shampoo, Hair Masks, Overnight treatments, Hair oils, Hair Gels, Scalp treatments and all specialised hair care treatments and sprays.

Body Care

We specialise in middle to high end Body care solutions. Our Body care ranges include the following product offering: Foot scrubs, Callus Treatments, Foot Repair treatments, Skin Softening Treatments, Foot powders, Foot Sprays, Body Wash, Body exfoliators, Body Lotions and Butters, Body powders, Roll on deodorants, Body oils, SPF sun care creams and sprays, Hand & Nail creams, Treatments, Specialised Scar treatments, Pigmentation and sun damage treatments.

Colour Cosmetics

We have many years of experience in colour cosmetics and assist our customers by providing unique products and packaging for their specific needs. We offer the following products: Lip sticks, Lip gloss, Lip balms, Mascara, Eye shadows, Compact powders, Loose powders, Moisturising tints, Foundation, Nail enamels, Nail gel, Nail enamel removers and Nail treatments.


We offer middle of the range fragrances that are used in Hair and Body care products and as well as Fine fragrances used for Perfumes and After Shave. We offer bulk supply or packaging individually for your brand.